Captured Shadows

There’s something mysterious and enchanting about shadows. I love the way they distort reality and can make something minuscule seem very substantial. In these next couple pictures I tried to make shadows the main focus. Enjoy!

Shadows in the Park

I took this shot through a gate in a local park. I really love the eerie quality that is brought to this picture by the emptiness of the park and the shadows.


I knew it wouldn’t be long before all my dogs made an appearance on this blog! Here is Pebbles…you have not seen the last of her.

Checkered Tree

I’m still getting used to my camera, and there is a bit of difference between what is seen through the viewfinder and what is actually captured. I was trying to get more of the checkered pattern on the tree which I thought was cool. Either way, I still really like this shot.

Black Vines

To me, the shadows kind of look like vines growing on the building.

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