Looking at Life Through a Sardine Can

Since all the pictures I’ve posted have been taken using Lomography’s La Sardina, I figured It’d be nice to tell you guys a little more about it. First off, as it’s name suggests, the camera’s design is meant to mimic a sardine can. The first designs were very close to the look of a sardine can, although now they offer a wide variety of designs. The one I have is named ” La Sardina Cubic”, which is part of the pattern editions.

The package I ordered came with the camera, the Fritz the Blitz flash attachment, four color filters and an awesome poster with different sardine cans.

As with any new camera, it does take time to get used to. This was my first analogue purchase and I’m glad that I chose to buy the La Sardina. It’s easy to use and with the multiple exposure capabilities, long exposure setting, and multiple color filters, I’ve had plenty of fun with experimentation!

*All photos on this post have been taken with a digital camera.


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