Developing Film at Home… Is it Worth it?

ImageThis is something that I’ve been wondering for a while. Film photography is not cheap. You have to pay for film, development and prints. Add digital conversion if you don’t have a scanner and you’ve got an expensive hobby on your hands.

While you can find film at a good price, those kinds of deals don’t exist for film development. Plus, it’s getting harder and harder to find places that develop 35mm film; forget about finding it at a price that doesn’t make your wallet hurt. And, if you have other types of film it’s nearly impossible to find a place that offers digital conversion.

While I’ve had nothing but good experiences using York Photo as my photo developer, they don’t offer digital conversion for 110 film, which is something I’ve been looking for. So, I began to search through local developers. They were all more expensive than York, and if they did develop 110 film, they didn’t offer digital conversion. I figured that buying a film scanner would help. Although some are expensive, I was able to find a couple that were less than $100. The problem with buying a scanner is you need developed film.

Since you can’t buy developed film without prints, I began to do research about developing at home. All I can say is that it will take a while for me to save enough to buy the all the equipment needed! However, I’m sure that in the long run it will pay off. And as more places stop their film development services, it will be very beneficial to have the ability to develop film at home.


3 thoughts on “Developing Film at Home… Is it Worth it?

  1. Developing film at home will be the cheapest way if you want to stick with film. Besides, I have a hard time trusting other people developing my film, you have much more control when you do it yourself.

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