The Pains and Wonders of Pinhole Photography

I’ve attempted many times to make a pinhole camera. My first attempt was the Peyote pinhole camera design from Corbis Readymech Cameras ( The instructions were pretty simple, but it still took me a long time. About three hours in and halfway through, I left my living room for a couple minutes. When I returned the camera was not on the table. Then I discovered that my dogs were fighting for it and it was too late to try to save it. I was obviously frustrated but I soon made a second attempt. I reprinted the template and this time made it much farther than the first. However, a child who we babysit decided that it looked important so it must be fun to play with. And that was the end of my attempts with the Peyote.

I then thought it would be fun to try to make the famous Czechoslovakian Dirkon pinhole camera ( I printed out the two pages and pasted them on thick folder paper that was cut in half. That was as far as I got. I sat there for a good half an hour just studying the template. It’s so intimidating! Every single dot of ink is important and I just couldn’t completely understand how to go about making such an incredibly complicated camera.

My new plan of action was to find the easiest pinhole camera design that exists. The Rubikon Pinhole Rebel  by Juroslav Juřica is exactly what I was looking for ( Note: This link will provide you with the template for the black version which I made…not the white one that is pictured.). The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. If you have never made a pinhole camera before and are interested in doing so, I highly recommend trying this one. Aside from being fun to make, the design is really cool. After completing the camera I felt so accomplished! Plus, I learned so much from it that I was able to take on the Dirkon again…and this time succeed! Since then, I have shot with both cameras and will be posting the pictures soon!






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